Q: How do I know  if my booking is confirmed?
A: Within 24 hours after your booking, we will contact you and provided you with more detailed information. Please save the e-mail with the details.

Q: How will I find you at the airport?
A: After getting your luggage and passing the customs check, our staff will be waiting for you at the exit with a ANTALYA AIRPORT signboard.


Q: What do I need to do if my flight is delayed or my luggage comes late?
A: After the first guests get to our bus, our vehicles wait for 45 minutes. Should you be delayed inside the airport you can send us a mail or call us. If the delay is too long, another one of our available vehicles will pick you up at the airport.

Q: How long before my flight time do I have to be at the airport?
A: For domestic flights you have to be at the airport at least 1 hour before departure, for international flights at least 2 hours.


Q: How long before departure will I be picked up from my home/hotel?
About 3 hours before departure our vehicle will pick you up. This might be 20 minutes earlier or later. But we will provide you with this information.

Q: Do you offer group transfers?
A: Yes we do. Please contact us for prices for group of 17 people or more.

Q: Am I allowed to bring my pet?
A: If in accordance with the rules of the airline company, you are allowed to bring pets. However, you need to inform us about this during your reservation.

Q: Should I tip the drivers?
A: If you are pleased with their service, you can. This is not obligatory.

*It is forbidden to smoke on our vehicles.
*In case of an emergency, you can request a quick stop during the transfer.