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Transfer from Antalya Airport to Alanya is just about 1 hour 45 minutes. Distance between airport and Alanya city center is 124 km.


Alanya is located in the east of Antalya Airport. It takes part the west of Gazipaşa Airport. It has the advantage of being close to the Gazipaşa Airport. But 97% of passenger planes ,which come to Antalya, use Antalya Airport. So a majority of Alanya Airport transfer services come true  towards from Antalya Airport to Alanya, or from Alanya to Antalya Airport.


According to 2014 year data of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, there are 301 rest areas in Alanya. Total number of rooms 58.677, number of beds 124.652. 71 of them consist of 5-star hotel. The rest of them are 1*,2*,3*,4* hotels and rest houses.


How can I find you at the Airport in the arrival transfer ?


Your driver will be waiting for you in the front of terminal exit gate with the sign that written “ ANTALYA AIRPORT TRANSFER”.


How can I arrange the time that I will be taken in return transfer?


Transfer from Alanya to Antalya Airport lasts averagely 100-110 minutes. You can specify the time that you will be taken from the hotel by taking the time that you need to be in airport out of transfer time.


In normal conditions;

You need to be taken from the hotel 3 hours 30 minutes before hour of flight in domestic flights.

You need to be taken from the hotel 4 hours before hour of flight in international flights.


* If the time that you will be taken from hotel is not suitable for your hour of flight , we provide necessary update by contacting with you.

* In case of crowd in the airport, to avoid delay we can provide that you will be taken earlier by contacting with you.