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Transfer from Antalya Airport to Side lasts approximately 55 minutes. Distance between Antalya Airport and Side is 65 km. Side is connected to Manavgat district of Antalya. It is located to the east of Antalya Airport.


Although Side is a small district, it is one of the prominent tourism centers. According to data of 2014, there are 220 rest areas in Manavgat. It is known that number of rooms: 65.146, total bed amount: 141.219. 115 of rest areas consist of 5-star hotels.


** If your hotel is located to Kizilagac & Kizilot tourism center, select your transfer point according to this. If transfer point is incorrect, we can provide necessary correction in place of you by contacting with you.


How can I find you at the airport ?


Our personnel will be waiting for you with the sign that is written “ANTALYA AIRPORT TRANSFER” at the terminal exit gate.


How can I specify time that I will be taken from hotel ?


Transfer from the Side to Antalya Airport lasts approximately between 55-60 minutes. You can specify time that you will be taken from the hotel by taking the time that you need to be airport out of transfer time.


You need to be taken 2 hours 30 minutes before the departure time in domestic flights.

You need to be taken 3 hours before the the departure time in international flights.

Time that you will be taken from hotel is chosen in reservation form by you. If there is a mistake that will cause delay in your choice, we can provide necessary correction by contacting with you.


Do you have shuttle transfer service to Side ?


We have shuttle (sharing) transfer service between Antalya Airport and Side-Manavgat area. You can get information and make a reservation by clicking  https://www.sideshutlletransfer.com


Our Antalya Airport Side transfer services work with the principle of door-to-door transportation.